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Earning Loyalty Through Quality

Our aim is to earn your loyalty by ensuring the highest levels of quality, consistency and food safety in all our products.

Quality Products

At Harmony Beef, we succeed when our customers succeed. To ensure that happens, we offer programs that produce exceptional quality and consistency, and are tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.

We know that quality beef comes from quality cattle, which is why we partner with the highest quality producers. These are relationships that are built on trust and reliability – which are the hallmark of our business.

Ultimately, we believe that when innovation meets trust – remarkable things can happen. It’s our promise that you’ll see that in each of our practices and each of our products.

Accuracy & Precision

You can be confident of the consistency of our products, because precision is a passion for the Harmony Beef team. Our uniquely precise processes make us a leader in manufacturing excellence and superior quality.

Our Programs

Harmony Beef is proud to offer several value-added branded beef programs that focus on a variety of attributes to meet specific consumer needs.

Halal Program

Halal Program

Harmony Beef is proud to be certified by Alberta Halal Monitoring and Certification Council (AHMCC) and Halal Monitoring Organization (HMO). Our diverse halal products are produced under strict guidelines for preparation, harvest and fabrication. Adherence to these guidelines is not only critical to supporting our local Islamic community, but also to meeting the growing demands of our customers internationally.

Harmony Beef Halal

  • Meets Halal food standards
  • Premium safety and sanitation standards
  • Safe and hygienic
  • No cross-contamination

Contact us to learn more about our Halal Products.

Producer Relationships

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Western Canadian ranchers demonstrate great pride in the tradition of Canadian farming. We share their passion for integrity, authenticity and the value of hard work. At Harmony Beef, we’ve worked with Canada’s leading cattle producers and feeders to create a supply chain that can accommodate specific cattle programs and protocols.

  • Producers and feeders are at the core of our program
  • Internationally recognized genetics (Bos Taurus cattle)
  • Animal handling audits to ensure animals are humanely raised

Manufacturing Excellence

Excellence in Practice

It’s the question we asked ourselves over and over – if we took all the information, knowledge and experience of our team and created a top class processing and fabrication plant – what could we achieve? Harmony Beef is the result of years and years of study, research and observation of world-class facilities. We created the industry’s most modern, custom plant in which to produce consistent, customized and quality beef products for our customers.

How We Do It

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Excellent animal welfare practices
  • World-class processes for harvest, cooling, fabrication and packaging

Canadian Beef Advantage

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We Put the Best of Canada into Our Beef

The Harmony Beef facility is located in the heart of Alberta, Canada, where there is a deep appreciation for animals, nature and sustainability.
  • The community of ranchers and farmers tend to the cattle and land with values that we all hold dear: honesty, hard work & resourcefulness. We base our practices on facts and what is proven.
  • Our quality beef is shaped by the land and enjoyed at family tables globally. It’s our landscape, cooler climate, rich grasslands and fields, that all make for hardy herds.
  • There’s an abundance of high quality feed grains in Western Canada, and our beef is produced from cattle that are fed diets of this high energy Canadian grain. The result is well-marbled, flavorful and tender Canadian beef with firm, white-colored fat.
  • World-class standards are in our nature. We strive to establish and respect regulations for the good of us all. Safe, high quality beef is part of our Canadian culture.
  • Raising beef is a craft spanning a history longer than Confederation. We take on the responsibility for the resources in our care. Stewardship is the mindset, sustainability the practice.

Food Safety

Setting a New Standard in Food Safety

Food safety is the first thing we think of and it’s what we check and re-check at every step. Our years of experience deliver demonstrable value in the most comprehensive food safety, inspection and interventions throughout the entire production process.

Food Safety is achieved through effective implementation and management of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). Our HACCP system (Prerequisite Programs and HACCP Plans) meets or exceeds CFIA Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) requirements as required by section 29 of the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990.

Our Standards in Food Safety

  • The highest possible standards of food safety, quality and hygiene are achieved throughout all our processing activities by implementation of European design and protocols that exceed current North American standards.
  • We are committed to provide our supervisory and food safety personnel with the authority to enforce compliance with the procedures identified in our HACCP system as they apply to any person entering and/or working within the facility.
  • We are fully committed to produce food in compliance with all CFIA and USDA regulatory requirements.
  • We ensure that food safety is embedded in every level of our company.

Scientifically validated antimicrobial interventions, consistently resulting in significant microbial log reduction.

  • Cross-contamination control
  • Cooling and temperature control systems
  • State-of-the-art process water recycling facility
  • Engagement of world class expertise to consult regarding food safety effectiveness and continuous improvement
  • Controlled air floor systems for each department