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Harmony Beef building sign

Innovation is at the Heart of Our Business

Harmony Beef recruited an experienced team, assembled trusted suppliers and engaged the world’s best design, construction and technology expertise with one goal: build the world’s leading beef production ecosystem in Alberta.

State of the Art Facility

Inspired by the Best, To Be the Best
At Harmony Beef, we are constantly monitoring the highest standards in the world and challenge ourselves to meet and then exceed these standards. Rigorous livestock benchmarks from the finest cattle producers in Canada and processing criteria from renowned European plants are just the beginning of our rigorous pursuit of industry leadership and new standards.
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Unique Processes

cows in field

World-Class Practices in the Heart of Alberta

Our primary goal is to earn the trust of our associates and we believe that the best way to do that is to invest our time and effort into creating state-of-the-art facilities with world-class processes. At Harmony Beef, we will not stop developing best-in-class practices.


  • Western Canada boasts a superior genetic pool of beef offering a consistent supply of the best genetics in North America
  • Expertise in Specialty, British and Continental breed stock
  • The right animals with a superior process to make consumer-preferred products

Animal Handling

  • World class animal handling practices ensuring respect and dignity for each animal
  • Engaging with outside advisory resources to monitor and continually improve our onsite humane animal handling practices


  • Highly advanced beef harvest unmatched by any other plant in North America
  • European standards of food safety, energy and water conservation
  • Latest technology and advancements for automated operating precision
  • Operating procedures that achieve the highest standards


  • One of the world’s finest fabrication systems. Leading technology in refrigeration, food safety and quality interventions


  • Our modern technology includes the latest in packaging options

Green Practices

Our Promise

Sustainability is more than a word – it is the promise we make in our relationship with nature. From the sustainable farming practices of our supply chain, to our state-of-the-art facility that recycles 90% of the water we use, Harmony Beef is committed to ensuring green practices are standard practices.

Water Treatment

Exceeding Canadian Drinking Water Standards

Naturally, Harmony Beef provides plenty of clean, fresh water to our cattle. However we also utilize water in our daily practices that exceeds Canadian human drinking water standards. Water used for cleaning machinery, critical production interventions, and additional processing steps along the way is beyond clean from a food safety standpoint. It’s a demonstration of our high technology.

Animal Welfare

cows in field

Their Welfare Means the World to Us

We believe in ‘harmony’ in all that we do, but especially achieving a harmonious relationship with nature and our animals. In our cattle barns, the airflow is virtually odorless, the floors are heated, and capacity is monitored to avoid crowding. We’re committed to meeting the highest animal welfare standards, because we believe in respect for all life.

Our Animal Welfare Standards

  • Barn is enclosed with ventilation for winter and summer
  • Evapotranspiration system to ensure cattle are dry and comfortable
  • Glycol heated animal safe floor – to ensure comfort and sanitation